It’s never been easier to visit Timor-Leste, with Southern Sun Aviation now arranging airways and airport permits, Avgas or Jet A1, with a stay at our Beachside Hotel a wonderful wind down and mini escape!

Whether you are ferrying yet another plane in or out of Australia, or on your first overseas adventure in your own plane, flying into DILI is a wonderful experience.


– ideal stop 320nm north of Darwin.

– tech stops can turn around in approx 1 hour


– ideal stop 320nm north of Darwin.

– 9 airports in Timor, 3 international, other varying for STOL aircraft.

– great exploring, diving and down to earth tourism options

Please email aviation@beachsidehoteldili.com with following documents with 2 weeks advance notice
(or 7 days with urgent fee payable)

– Aircraft rego papers

– Aircraft airworthiness certificate

– Aircraft insurance papers

– Pilot/crew licence

– Pilot/crew passports

– vaccination certificates

– arrival and departure routing in UTC

For those wanting to visit and enjoy TIMOR, whether for one night or a week, let us know what your interests are and we’ll help you plan a memorable journey.

Watch the video of Stefan Drury’s recent trip to Timor – easy peasy lemon squeasy 🙂